Adam Jiwan
Spring LabsCEO
Adam N. Jiwan is Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Spring Labs, which is developing a blockchain protocol for the creation of a new identity and credit ecosystem. Adam has a deep passion for business building and investing. He was one of the seed investors and is a founding board member of Avant. He is Co-Founder and Chairman of Future Finance, Europe’s leading millennial finance company. He helped develop Brazil’s largest independent real estate finance business, BFRE, prior to its successful sale in 2012. He developed Rodina, a Russian mortgage bank and advised on the development of Arkera, a UK-based AI wealth management software business. He is the co-controlling shareholder and co-Chairman of TrialWorks, the leading litigation-focused software company in the US. He is a co-founder of Canada’s first publicly-listed SPAC. He serves and has served as a director of numerous private and public companies.