Kim Gerhardt
DirectorEdgar, Dunn & Company
Kim Gerhardt is a Director (Partner) at Edgar, Dunn & Company, a global strategy consultancy specializing in payments. Kim leads the Firm’s U.S. Consulting Practice and Industry Roundtable efforts. Her work focuses on risk management practices and portfolio performance benchmarking in payment cards and consumer lending, and the evolving financial services ecosystem providing more choice and access to traditionally underserved consumers. Kim is passionate about building businesses, the intersection between FinTech and traditional banking, and enabling ways for the industry to come together to share best practices regarding regulation/compliance, credit risk, and fraud risk. This collaboration benefits financial service leaders and ultimately provides improved borrower experiences. She is eager to work with her clients as the industry continues to evolve. Prior to Edgar, Dunn & Company, she worked at Mitchell Madison Group, Merrill Lynch, and held international positions at the Union Bank of Switzerland. Kim has an undergraduate degree from Villanova University, and an MBA from Columbia University, both with distinction.